🌛 Libramoon Montag, Juli

( I wanna a sub battery… ) Oo。。 _Σ¦3」∠)_

🌚 Cancermoon Montag, Juli

Z… z… z…

🌜 Taurusmoon Mittwoch, Juni

A good crop of CHERRIES 🍒🍒

🌝 Sagittariusmoon Montag, Juni

Persephone’s first bed is …
Knitted Blanket for Persephone <<<<<<<<< My Bath towel😂

🌛 Virgomoon Samstag, Juni

Every Rose Has Its Thorn 🌹
Every Cats Has Their Claws 😼✨

🌚 Geminimoon Montag, Juni

No kitty so little, but has a talent of cats.

🌘 Geminimoon Samstag, Juni

Persephone, Come here!

🌜 Piscesmoon Sonntag, Mai

The day when Persephone came to Feenland.
We took off and He slept on my knees in a mere 15 minutes😉

🌕 Sagittariusmoon Montag, Mai

coffee, keyboard, mouse… &CAT
Perfect desktop 😉

🌝 Scorpiomoon Samstag, Mai

Hi! y’all, I’m Persephone. Please call me “PO・NE(ポネ)”.
By the way… I’m a BOY.

🌓 Leomoon Samstag, Mai

I can’t bring myself to throw it away…

This cardboard box rides like a Dream *✧⁺˚

🌚 Piscesmoon Dienstag, Marz

3/8 La Festa della donna
It’s Hug’s photography in Felissimo “ma i ni chi nyanko calender” today ! Thanks a lot 💛

Happy birthday to Mr.Sakurai 😉
I really hope your good health and mental✨

🌘 Aquariusmoon Montag, Marz

Where did the scrubbing brush go?

…… Oh, I found it.

🌛 Ariesmoon Samstag, Januar

🌒 Scorpiomoon Donnerstag, Oktober